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Companies Who Trust ZipPush

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Efficient Monetization

Cannabis publishers who frequently re-engage audiences through smart push notifications see the difference.

  • Increase ROI
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Remarket & Remessage

Continue capturing attention with clever remarketing and remessaging. Easily create and launch push notification campaigns all within one convenient spot. Keep your audience coming back for more cannabis content with the help of ZipPush.

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ZipPush Features

  • Reach Audiences Everywhere

    No matter where your audience is in the world or what device they’re using, we bring them back.

  • Insightful Data Analysis

    Analyze cannabis audience behavior and campaign results with our sophisticated machine learning.

  • Automated Scheduling

    Get more done by using our set-and-forget push notification scheduling platform.

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Success With ZipPush

Simple but effective.
I used to spend a lot of time trying to connect with readers on and off of my website. Now I just set up a campaign in ZipPush and watch casual traffic turn into recurring readership.
Finding ZipPush was the breakthrough I needed.
My THC and CBD website traffic hit a wall a few months ago because I had trouble with retention. This was the “secret sauce” that helped push me past some major barriers and build momentum.

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